English speakers

So… i’ve got a bunch of books in English that are on my reading-list. Now, i thought, why would i write a review in Romanian for a book that’s written in English? It wouldn’t make much sense because whoever is able to read the book in English, can also read its English review as well. Plus, these En books don’t always have a Ro correspondent (that’s why i bought them in English in the first place).

Anyways. Having said that, i must also add that my English is quite broken. So, brace yourself for lots of impossible words, funny grammar and phrases that might make no sense. Bear with me. I promise that if some day i get smarter, i shall correct my content. 😀

So now on to our English books.

update: I’ll be posting on my English page articles that are not necessary book reviews, but also quotes, quizzes, games, bookish news or personal insights & thoughts on life in general. It’s just a place to keep them altogether, that’s all. Not that would matter for anyone else but me though.. 😀