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Book lovers – Quiz

I was way ahead of myself at the beginning of this year when I set up my goal for the Reading Challenge on Good Reads. True, it was my first year with Good Reads, trying to tap into the book lovers’ community that would’ve helped me find my motivation to read more. I did find my motivation, but I still seem to have a problem with organizing my time, which is an issue i’m determined to tackle pretty soon. Now, I found myself at the end of the year with less than half of my goal reached, having to deal with the embarrassment of being quite a lousy reader.

casperI realized that if I don’t bring a positive change to my reading habits, I might die before I get to read all these books I’ve gathered over the years. It would be such a pity! I mean, it did cross my mind that I could probably turn into a ghost and haunt the place for a while until I manage to read them all, but… who would turn the pages for me..?? Such a dilemma.

So, lesson learned. I now have a new task for my New Year resolution.

Anyways. As I’ve said, my motivation is still here, and so is my love for books.

And I had fun creating a quiz for book lovers during a late evening after getting back from the office.

There are surely plenty of quizzes alike over the wide Internet, but since I haven’t got time to check them out, I’m just gonna post mine here in this tiny world’s forgotten virtual place, and if anyone happen to step into my “home” and wishes to complete my quiz, then I’d be happy to read his/her answers. 2d3d89f48867d7698dfa8c81eb4bf926As a matter of fact, I rarely get to meet people with whom I can have a good conversation about books. I mean.. I did find mice or dogs and cats who are very good companions when it comes to books at the least, but it seems harder to find humans of this sort.

I’m gonna try to complete the quiz myself, although I’m sure that due to the limited amount of books I’ve read so far, I won’t be able to answer all of the questions. I’ll just have to complete the quiz gradually as I get to read more and more books along the coming year.

So, let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we.. 🙂 Name…

  1. …a book you’d like to see being made into a movie or miniseries.
  2. …a book you’d never lend to anyone.
  3. …a book you bought for its intriguing title or for its pretty cover but whose story left you with disappointment.
  4. …a book with a story you really liked despite its ugly cover.
  5. …a book of a genre you don’t like, which actually impressed you positively.
  6. …a book you’d recommend to anyone.
  7. …a series you’d recommend to anyone.
  8. …a book you read in a day.
  9. …3 authors you’d warm-heartedly recommend.
  10. …a novel to which you’d love to change the ending.
  11. …a book that made you laugh all the way through.
  12. …the fictional character whom you’d love to meet in real life.
  13. …your favorite book genres.
  14. …the fictional character you most identify yourself with.
  15. …the fictional character you had or still have a crush on.
  16. …the fictional character with whom you’d be pleased to switch places for a whole week (you’d have to live in its story too).
  17. …3 books which caught your attention because of their titles, although you knew nothing about its plot.
  18. …the song you would use as a soundtrack for your favorite novel.
  19. …the book with the most beautiful cover you know at this moment.
  20. What would the title of your book be if you wrote a novel?
  21. What would your novel be about if you wrote one?
  22. Which is the way you prefer to organize your bookshelves? (by author, color, genre, publishing house, size, format etc)
  23. A book you can read again and again without ever getting bored of it.


My answers:

2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, an old English version. I wouldn’t lend any of my old books because once they get lost, I can never get them back.

3. The book of lost things by John Connolly. It’s horrible!

4. Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones – its Romanian book-cover is so uninspired. The story is heartwarming. This combination taught me not to judge a book by its cover.

5. I don’t enjoy reading stories with vampires, yet I didn’t dislike reading Twilight.

7. The Adventures of Hendrik de Mol. It’s magic, original and wonderful, perfect for any age.

8. Holy cow” by David Duchovny. A both funny and heartwarming story. Short but deeply meaningful.

13. Children stories, SF, science, ethics, fantasy, poetry, comics, aviation, any heartwarming novels.

14. Will Reckless from Cornelia Funke’s Mirrorworld. I find the closeness to this character to be quite eerie as we’re so much alike, including the context we’re in. The empathy for Will makes me ask Cornelia to take care of him in the 4th part of the series. I fear for him ’cause he’s not the main character. Feels as if she’s gonna decide my fate.

16. Gwen from Kerstin Gier’s “Girl about time” (aka “Ruby Red” trilogy). Time travel, humor and lots of adventure. What more could anyone ask for..??

17. How to stop time, The dragon with a chocolate heart, Words in deep blue, Salt to the sea, She is not invisible… Oh, there are so many eye-catching titles out there.. I always love to find new ones.

21. Definitely about another world, but having this one as a starting point.

22. Author, genre, size, publishing house, format, color.



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